2013: Learn, Listen, Love

EDITED on 27th DEC 2013 words in RED.

So the 2012 theme for punctuality did not work out, I did not get myself a new purse BUT I am not giving up, I am re-doing the punctuality calendar and spit bet.

That aside, my theme for this year is to have a teachable heart and learn as much as I can about anything and everything, to listen more than I speak and to love unconditionally, expressively, artistically and generously. Of course, expecting nothing in return although if it does come back to me I’d be sew-per happy. More on how I shall achieve this later.



  1. Make 5 D.I.Y. gifts.Completed for Birthdays and Christmas. Thank you Pinterest.
  2. Have a meal with an old friend. Completed on the 17th of November 2013. God, You are so good.
  3. Reach 43 subscribers on YouTube. I currently have 40. Achieved on 8th March 2013. Final count at 27th Dec: 62.
  4. Read ‘The Hobbit’ and two other books. Read the Hobbit, The Time Keeper, The Great Gatsby.
  5. Watch ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’. Done. Thumbs up to both.

2012 Reso’s brought forward to 2013

  1. Record another T.Swift cover.
  2. Record 2 dance videos, one showing what I’ve learnt in popping class. One completed.
  3. Learn how to make 5 new dishes. And if there is a potluck, don’t buy pizza but MAKE something. Completed. Learnt Egg Fu Yoong, Grilled Lamb, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Palak Paneer, Lamb Curry, Sotong Varuval and apple pie.
  4. Donate blood. So close. So close. Maybe next year.
  5. Stop shouting at God. It’s not His fault. 

2013’s New Reso’s

  1. Be decisive.
  2. Clean up iTunes. I’ve been trying to clean up my iTunes for years and I failed so miserably I’m just accepting that this resolution will never be achieved so I’ll just do something equally important. Unlock Princess Celestia in the My Little Pony App.
  3. Complete 8 chin-ups. As of Dec 2013, I can do 2. What is wrong with my method?!
  4. Record another short film. 😦
  5. Write third page of novel. Done.


“Now, we don’t have much time. But I have a job for you. Are you willing to take it up?”

“What kind of job?”

I heard a deep chuckle on the other side.

This is getting creepy. 

“I want you to stop calling me.”

“This isn’t your phone.

“Well, how do I know it’s yours?”

  1. Learn how to tie-dye.
  2. Go for at least ONE dance competition. I didn’t go for a dance competition but I did perform at a charity Hip-Hop concert
  3. BE PUNCTUAL!!! Continue with punctuality schedule. Done. Got my new wallet too.
  4. Learn 12 new things. The categories are: Sports, Astronomy, Mathematics, Music, Food, Animals/Insects, History, Religion, Dance, Language, Anatomy and Global Culture
  5. Stop being over-dramatic

Last year, I think God did His best to save me from tears but to a certain extent I went looking for trouble.

Over the last month my sister showed me that life isn’t worth obsessing over mistakes but making a new way from the new day. She taught me to learn to love life and learn to love generously. She said it is possible to love that way even though it may not come naturally, all you have to do is listen and pay attention to what people are saying. I want to put that into practice this year.

Regret is unprofessional. M. Skyfall.

Thinking of: Keeping this year’s resolutions on my desktop for daily viewing, Victoria Justice in Victorious, Nicki Minaj’s Pound the Alarm, Calvin Harris feat. Example’s We’ll Be Coming Back, Simon and Garfunkle’s The Sound of Silence, Yannick Bovy’s She’s Even More Beautiful, Ron Pope’s A Drop in the Ocean, Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder’s The Fighter, my new year and Paris.

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