Too Little Too Late

This post is so overdue but better late than never.

Or is it?

Last year my resolution was to be on time to at least 80% of my meetings. If I succeeded, I would finally be able to buy myself a new wallet.

Let’s see how I fared.

January Punctuality TableFeb Punctuality TableMarch Punctuality Table

April Punctuality TableMay Punctuality TableJune Punctuality Table

As you can see, I didn’t even make it to 50% -.- hence, still crummy 2009 wallet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


But I’m never one to give up until I succeed so though it may not be on my resolutions I still want to achieve this, and I’m raising the stakes.

Should I succeed, there’s a very high chance I’ll reward myself with this:

With my positive reinforcement and my negative reinforcement (Jean’s spit), there’s no way I can’t be punctual.

Thinking of: Trains’ 50 Ways to Say Goodbye, Jack Black in Shallow Hal, Ellis Paul’s Sweet Mistakes, Dr. John Stangel, Of Monster’s and Men’s Little Talks and picking up the pace.