Why I Love the Chinese

They’re hardworking and resilient in the face of adversity.

No matter what hardships they face, they never give up without a fight and they turn everything into an opportunity.

A problem is just a misunderstood opportunity ~Dr Draken

Plus they gave me mandarin oranges. Sweet, succulent. honey-filled citrussy goodness. I must’ve had 16 today. And counting.

I’ve had so many mandarin oranges my lungs are starting to look like them O_O

They also gave me Robert Downey Jr.

Okay no they didn’t, but really, should I need a reason?


On a side note: I found a way to overcome Snoozing!


Thinking of: Robert D. Jr, baby turtlets, Iron Man 3, how if I paid every time I snoozed I’d be bankrupt before starting my business and fireworks outside my bedroom.

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