Paranoia Activity

I was afraid, I admit. But that was because I didn’t trust You to look after me even when You said You would.

There’s never a perfect time.

Whether it’s waiting to be financially stable before having that first child.

Waiting for my character to be impeccable before getting into a relationship

Waiting for the economy to boom before starting my business.

Waiting for that ideal business partner.

Waiting for production to be over so I can ‘really’ spend time with God.

There will never be the perfect conditions.

I’m so paranoid that I will make a mistake!

Then why did I choose this path?! Then I should’ve stuck to the 9-5 mindless security.

I mean, I look at my dad and see shoes I will never fill.

But I should still try to fill them. For his sake.

But I refuse to hold on to my inadequate past self. I will  make a change!


If a farmer waits for the perfect season he would never even plant one seed.

Opportunities will pass you by.

And I can sit thinking if this is God’s will for me. Or I can just go for it and hope that He’ll catch me if I fall.

I’m taking that leap.

A regret I never want to have is regretting I didn’t do it sooner.

I don’t want this to expire.

Thinking of: Parasprites creeping the heck outta me, how time and tide wait’s for NO man, the darn ‘shift’ key not working, Maroon 5’s Daylight, Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida’s Troublemaker and Jason Walker’s Down.

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