Filmophile: Pulp Fiction


Also on my list of must-watch movies.

But at some point I felt it was a bit draggy.

Aiyo omg omg omg omg I adore Samuel L. Jackson. He was sooooo funnneehhhh.

I definitely commend Samuel L. Jackson on his outstanding performance. His character proved gusto and inappropriate humour. I liked it.

I giggled a bit at the fastidious dialogue. Hearing John Travolta say “kitty cat” and “cow girl” to Uma Thurman reminded me of old pick-up lines from the 80’s.

Other than that, it was just a random movie. Interesting to say the least. Makes you think how all our lives are intertwined.

Now you may disagree with me but in this movie, I’ve undoubtedly found the

Best Dialogue between a man and a woman in all of Hollywood History:

Gah! I rolled over on the floor. So good. I almost peed my pants.

Best Moment:

When Samuel L. Jackson quotes Ezekiel 25:17. Pwned.




I liked the non-linear plot that only reveals itself at the end.

Gave it a sense of inconsistency. Seemingly random. Like this gif of a sausage and a crab.

Side note:

Thinking of: Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

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