I’ll Be A Fool For You

Ignorance. Or conscientious stupidity.

I felt that way tonight when after a week of convincing me, I grudgingly gave in to go for the Michael W. Smith concert.

More than his 3 Grammy’s, his multitude of awards and adoring fans that all know what the ‘W’ stands for, I saw an amazing worship leader.

To worship in Spirit and in truth.

Who wrote the words ‘I’ll be a fool for the King of love’, and sung to ‘Your grace has found me just as I am, empty handed but alive in Your hands’.

After each set, he’d place his hand over his heart, close his eyes and smile. He got so easily lost in worship that he played the piano as if it was just him and God.

It was a most refreshing experience.

He welcomed the presence of God in the most tender and hospitable way.

As if the last month didn’t happen, I felt a wave of comfort sweeping over me that only my Saviour could give.

Total surrender.

Have I forgotten how good it feels to hide in the palm of Your hand, completely at ease about the desert I’m walking in.

I’ve allowed myself to miss that kind of worship. Funny how circumstances can make you forget that in His presence, they don’t matter.

Sigh. No regrets here. Only the reassurance that being with You can only get better.


On a side note: OOOOHH MYYYY  DISSNEEEEYYYY!!!! Please don’t be messing with me!

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