Because Natural is Too Mainstream

The greatest challenge in your walk as a Christian isn’t the obstacles you’ll face, it’s not the attack of the enemy. No, the greatest challenge in your walk is to trust God’s strategy.

Ps Clarance Shashi. 

For every problem there is a natural solution. The one that makes the most sense. They’re the ones that are easy to understand, logical to explain, and plain to execute.

But that’s not God’s way. Not because God is hipster so logical, easy and plain are too mainstream but because with Him, His way requires stepping into a realm of trust.

For every struggle in our lives, God has given us strategies. Those strategies are sometimes paradoxical.

You desire an end, but He makes it seem so that the means to that end would take you in the opposite direction.

If you want to live; die.*

If you want to be exalted; humble yourself.***

If you want to receive; give.**

If you want to take revenge; love, forgive, release.***

If you want to win a battle against 135,000 men, reduce your army size from 32,000 to 300 men.*


God never asks for understanding. But He does ask for trust.

I MUST come to a place where my necessity to trust in Him far exceeds my desire to understand.

The question is, am I willing to trust Him, even if He never tells me why?

Can I trust Him now even when He is telling me to release what I hold dear to my heart? Something I’ve invested money, time and love into. It doesn’t make sense to loosen your grip if you really want to hold on for dear life. But His ways are higher than my ways. My job is to obey.

* : Click for links to bible verses.

Inspired by Ps Clarance Shashi.

On a side note: The Realistic Harlem Shake

On another side note: Good dog! Who’s a gooood boyyy???

I love when your dog just lets you sit there to pet them. You don’t necessarily know if they are enjoying. But they love you enough to just sit there with you for a bit. Anon.

On yet another side note: Elmo Suicide!

Thinking of: Tiger Looi, Revenge is sweet, Sweet, sweet revenge and Revenge equals pain.

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