BookWorm: The Hunger Games Trilogy

ALERT: Spoilers ahead!


This is me during the course of the trilogy:

Book 1: Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgogmgomgomg this is so good!

Book 2: Omgomgomgomgomg wait what? They’re going back in the arena?

Book 3: What in the blue heck is wrong with you, Katniss?!!

Basic Synopsis:

It’s a dystopian-themed trilogy where everything has been destroyed and the world now consists of 12 districts and the Capitol. Now the people in power have created the Hunger Games where once a year kids are forced into a man-made arena to battle to the death until one person is left standing.

The first book ends with two unexpected winners where the main character, Katniss Everdeen, sparks a riot and incites a rebellion that challenges the current government. The following books simply build on the revolution that end with everyone the villain finally dying and a new order being set in place.

I’ve seen the movie but even then, reading the first book really was nail-biter. Even book two I felt was not too bad but by book three I just wanted to throw it out the window.

I’m fine with the book focusing on Katniss but did Suzanne have to make her into such a dolt? Where in the first book she was resourceful and sober-minded, she ended being this indecisive, annoying, whiny, pity-partier that was always high on drugs because reality was too much to bear. She just got on my nerves. I think at one point I was hoping she’d step on a landmine.

The plot towards the end wasn’t epic or anything but good triumphed over evil. Wohoo -.-

What I liked?

1) Mental torture walk-through. She goes to great lengths to map it out. It was in such a subtle way but I think it was well-done.

2) Creepy Hanging Tree lullaby about a dead man calling his lover to infinity and beyond.

3) The concept in Catching Fire where the island arena rotates and at different times different muttations emerge to kill them.

What I didn’t like?

1) Everyone dies. EVERYONE! Well, everyone I like. WHAT KIND OF BOOK KILLS EVERYONE?

2) As the book progresses, so does the gore. But I suppose it’s necessary circumstances considered.

Final Verdict: 

I’ve honestly read worse. Like this one book where this woman is impregnated by a vampire, has his undead baby and drinks human blood to keep the thing alive.

On its own, the first book is pretty impressive , maybe because I haven’t read Battle Royale. But as a trilogy, you can see Suzanne’s plot losing ground towards the third book. You’re better off watching the movie.

My favourite quotes:

 …if desperate times call for desperate measures, then I’m free to act as desperately as I wish.




Too much death for my liking. Sick. Too sick.

Seriously, Suzanne Collins, you okay anot?

On a side note: General Elections! A bunch of politicians thrown into an arena where they will have to fight to the death against national propoganda until one man is left standing. Let the Hunger Political Games begin.

Thinking of: Equals Three, P!nk feat. Nate Ruess’s Just Give Me A Reason, Surface’s The First Time, Snow’s The Informer, peanut butter mochi and exercising my legs and right to VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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