I Will Die For Her

I was watching this online sermon by Pastor Robert Morris during the Planet Shaker’s conference and I have to say, I have gained some insight.

When God made something, He spoke to what He wanted it to come from, to be sustained by and to return to.

Robert Morris

For example, in Genesis 1:11, God said let the earth produce vegetation, grass, herb yielding seed,  etc. He didn’t say, ‘Let there be Oak trees’ or ‘Let there be mushrooms’. So the grass came from the dirt, was sustained by the dirt and returned to it.

The same for animals. God said let the earth bring forth animals. He didn’t say, ‘Let there be cows’. So animals came from the earth, were sustained by it and returned to it after death.

What about us?

Yes, our bodies are from the earth, we are sustained by the earth and when we die we return to it.

But what of our Spirit?

 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness […]

Genesis 1:26

So our spirit is from God, we are sustained by God and when we die, we shall return to Him.

What happens when a plant tells the ground, “I’m pulling out.”

Can that plant sustain? No. It will die.

What happens when we tell God we don’t need Him?

You will surely die. Not a threat. Just a fact. Because He is our source.

What is God’s bottom-line desire in making us? That we worship Him? Partly. But not fully. If we do not worship Him the rocks will cry out.

So what is God’s deepest desire?

To know that, we reflect on what  Adam deeply desired. Adam was made in God’s image. In perfection, in a sinless world.

Out of all that God made, He only saw one thing that wasn’t good. That Adam was alone. That no suitable companion for him was found.

What did Adam desire? A bride.

What does Jesus desire?

What happened when Adam and Eve disobeyed God? That was an act that said, “I don’t need Your sustenance, God.”

And so sin entered, and so did death.

If it was just Eve who sinned. This is the conversation that God would’ve had with Adam.

“Adam, I’m sorry to tell you this, but your bride has sinned. And must die.”

Not a threat. A fact. Because she had pulled out from the source.

But that conversation DID happen. Just not between God and Adam, but between God and Jesus.

God: Our bride has sinned. And now must die.

Jesus: I will die in her place.

What does Jesus desire?


Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

On a side revelation: Ice-cream, if you think about it, is really processed vegetables.

Did you know that: Without ice-cream the world would be in darkness and chaos?
Did you know that: Without ice-cream the world would be in darkness and chaos?

Thinking of: Ugly Naked Guy, ice-cream, Robert Morris, 66 cents, rest and how much I need a hero. Or at least a rope or a ladder or something.

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