The Food Critic: myBurgerLab

What I am about to divulge, is about a place. A secret place where dreams come true.

A place, that will change your entire perspective of burgers.

If God had a Burger Laboratory where He came up with the best burgers, this would prolly be it.

I had the A+ Beef burger and it was huh-eavenly.

Even as I blog this I’m salivating.


For all you burger vultures out there:


14, Jalan 21/22
Seapark, PJ
Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 5 pm – 10.30 pm
Closed on Mondays



I have never enjoyed processed meat so much.

On a side note:

Thinking of: This sudden peace that has come from nowhere. Well, from somewhere. Thanks God. I can actually sleep now.

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