The Quick Brown Fox

I want the answer.

I want the answer to the why’s.

I want the answers to the how’s.

But it looks like I’m getting neither.

There’s a story about Israeli slaves kidnapped from their families forced to work in the rural turquoise mines between Egypt and Mount Sinai. The slaves were beaten and tortured and left to live in fear and utter darkness in caves that you couldn’t even stand up straight in. This was before the Lord sent Moses to deliver His people. The time when suffering was rampant and redemption was nowhere to be found. The time when He was very quiet.

Then the Lord sent Moses as a deliverer. As the Israelites were on the way from Egypt towards Mount Sinai, the Lord went out of the way to make sure even these slaves in the rural turquoise mines were not left behind and He saved them.

Many years later, archeologists found markings on the ceilings of these caves where the slaves were imprisoned. The slaves had written out something:

Our God Is Eternal.

This was before they were saved by Moses. Before they even knew when salvation would come.

Don’t be so quick to get out of a season. 

Aaron Kee

I want the answers. I want the breakthroughs. And I want them now.

Yes, I admit I was the one who dug the pit and stupidly fell into it.

But if I’m still here, there must be something You want me to learn.

There must be a reason You are telling me many things, but not what I want to hear.

Whatever ‘mistakes’ you have the privilege to go through, you were made to overcome.

Aaron Kee

God, though You may choose to be silent, but You have gone out of Your way to prove to me that I am never forgotten. 

Though I make my bed in hell, You are there. It is in this hell I find the most beautiful flowers blossom.


Even if I never find out why, I’m perfectly comfy hiding here in Your hands.

Please don’t let me go.

God will deliver you. And when He does, the testimony will be yours, and no man can take credit for it.

Aaron Kee

Inspired by Ps Ryan, Aaron Kee, Jon Chiam and Sister Ruth Patterson.

On a side note: There’s a bird born with a Bieber hairstyle that’s surprisingly not extinct.

I was like ‘Baby, baby, baby, oh!’

Thinking of: Gloster Canaries, Sister Ruth Patterson, The Moses Tabernacle, Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life, how encouragement comes when I need it the most, Krewella’s Alive, Lawson’s Standing in the Dark, elections and pre-planned spontaneous slumber parties.

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