Tears Of A Spoilt Brat

There’s a joke that the Chinese ideogram for ‘peace’ is a woman under one roof (安), and the ideogram for ‘trouble’ is two women under one roof.

There once lived a man with two wives. One wife was barren while his second wife gave him many sons and daughters. The first wife, whose name was Hannah, wept frequently because not only was she barren but the second wife would constantly vex her on that very fact.

Why was she barren? The Bible says that the Lord had closed her womb.

Naturally, then, one would conclude that her cause for barrenness was not a bodily defect but an act of God. Which means she was barren for God’s definitive purposes.

But whether or not that was the case didn’t matter to Hannah because a woman’s badge of acceptance before the women’s liberation movement was, and I would like to quote the great Napoleon Bonaparte here, “Women are nothing but machines for producing children.”

So Hannah wept bitterly.

There are many kinds of tears; tears of lack, tears of discomfort, tears of sadness, tears of pain, etc.

Hannah cried the tears of a spoiled brat because she didn’t get what she wanted.

Her husband sees her inconsolable and averse to food and asks her, ‘Why aren’t you eating? Why are you grieving? Am I not worth to you more than ten sons?’

What a kick in the nuts. Isn’t that just like a man to throw the very thing you want to gift him back in your face?

It’s not that he didn’t know why she was plagued with grief. It’s not that he didn’t know her greatest desire was to please him with a dashing young heir.

–2 second feminist rant–

“I want to give you kids more than anything!”
“Why? Isn’t having me as your husband more than a house full of kids? Hey babe, could you make me a sandwich while you’re in there?”

–End of rant–

I believe those words were when Hannah’s tears turned to tears of utter brokenness. The Bible says she was crushed in her soul.

I expect every woman has been crushed in her spirit by the man she loves at some point in her life.

And when Hannah had previously said, “Lord, give me a child so I can bless my husband” she now lay at the feet of God and said, “Lord, give me a child and I’ll give him back to You.”

God will not take away anything we put above Him. He wants us to give it to Him willingly.

What seemed like a judgment upon Hannah was the prelude to God’s amazing providence, but it all began with withholding.

What is that most precious thing you desire for? You have been waiting for so long but are denied. That very thing that makes you question God why does He withhold it from you, why isn’t He blessing you in this area?

God wants you to come to a place where you will withhold NOTHING from Him, and in your complete brokenness, true worship is birthed.

True worship, is when you finally bow your knees to the sovereignty of the One who deserves all your attention in the first place.

Many are content doing the permissive will of God, but a broken spirit and a contrite heart will  yield every desire that foreshadows Jesus as number one to the perfect and pleasing will of God.

The day Hannah yielded her desire for a son to God, He opened her womb.

She had finally discovered the true meaning of Total Surrender.

Inspired by Dr Neal Patterson

On a side note: Will not be doing a review on Iron Man III because it’s not worth that. Okay that’s not true, mini review right here.


Robert Downey Jr.: Awesome. Plot: So-so. Dialogue: Semi-emotional masked with wit. Pepper Potts: nice body, useful, should’ve stayed dead. The Mandarin: Worst villain ever.

BEST SCENE: Sexy RDJ dance at the beginning When Iron Man calls the suit to protect his lover.

STUPIDEST IRON MAN MOVE: When Tony Stark gives the villain his house address. Did you learn nothing from the Dark Knight Rises?!

Since this is a mini review, I shan’t rate. It is understood it’s a feel good movie so watch at your own risk.


Thinking of: Women who need to know their value, Gilmore Girls, the completely useless chinese version of IM3, a broken spirit and a contrite heart.

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