The Vultures Have Come

In the chase for the ultimate dream life, the vultures will follow.

When promised descendants as many as the stars and the grains of sand, Abram hadn’t even had one child yet. Yet he believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness. To bind that promise he sacrificed to God animal offerings.

Some vultures swooped down to eat the carcasses, but Abram chased them away.

Genesis 15:11

The moment you seal yourself to God, this massive radar goes off in Hell’s mission control station, deploying every available demon to break that promise. The devil finds his greatest joy in destroying anything God is establishing.

Then the vultures will come to pick away at your offering. They will lie, put doubts, trip you up, stir confusion and we must chase them away. It’s not like swatting flies, I don’t know if you’ve seen vultures before, but they’re big, ugly and persistent. And they travel as a committee which would explain why sometimes when it rains, sigh, it really pours.

Notice it was Abram’s choice to chase the birds of prey away, he didn’t wait for God to strike them dead.

When vultures clean, they Monica clean it. They will leave nothing behind.

What would it mean if Abram had let the vultures be? Well, what would it mean if you make a meal for your loved one and you allow a lizard to sit in it?

How sacred is your commitment to God? How far are you willing to go to protect it?

Inspired by Carol Ho.

On a side note: BUSINESS CARDS LOOK AWESOME!!!!! I yam happy 🙂


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Sumi Naidu’s Parents, Lara Liau, Michelle Wee, Roshie John, Jeanli Wong and Vincent Fong for tirelessly helping me out in the designing and putting up with my whinging for perfection. I know you guys were sick of the “Is this ok? Okay anot? Are you sure it’s okay? Change to what font? What colour? The film strip looks like crap! I cannot do thiiissssss!” Bless your hearts for loving me 🙂

MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO: WONDERPRINT for their amazing patience, creative talent, affordable prices and punctual delivery of my GS cards. I am utterly impressed with your service. Special thanks to Charlene for allowing my millions of changes to the designs. FB them here for your printing needs.

Business cards got me feelin’ so fly #supernaturalhigh

On a Disney note: The vultures from Jungle Book were originally supposed to be voiced by the Beatles! They kinda look like them too O_O

Thinking of: Sheep, Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy, Dizzy, The Beatles, Giler Selamba Jane, what an irresponsible cousin I turned out as today, how convenience is creeping into laziness, no more folding of hands and more sheep.

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