After I finished my PMR, my sister gave me this advice: “Start preparing for SPM! You don’t have ANY time to waste. Form Four is NOT your honeymoon year. You can rest when you die.”

Okay she didn’t say that last sentence but that didn’t stop her from teaching me Add Math during my holidays.

So first day of hols I saw this:

Chapter 1: Function

f(x)= 2x+13

Find f(4).

My first thought: The fudge is function x?!

I saw a problem. Which I did not know how to solve.

But my sister drilled me until I could do functions in my sleep.

I didn’t understand why my sister pushed me so hard. I had just finished my PMR. What’s the big deal? But come the first test in Form Four, I was the only one who got an A in Add Maths class. Which was funny because the teacher said she guaranteed everyone would fail the first Add Math test. Pwned.

At this point, functions were only a problem to those not equipped to address it.

Me? I had the knowledge and experience to tackle all functions and subsequent chapters that used functions as a base for new levels of problem-solving.

You cannot solve a problem on the same level you created it.

Albert Eistein.

What does that mean? To solve the function, I must have knowledge on how. That requires a higher level of understanding than I currently have.

Out of crisis comes the opportunity to learn something you never knew before

A.R. Bernard

God allows hardship in our lives, He doesn’t protect us from problems, but He patterns it so we can overcome.

In that respect, I must understand then that every crisis is a turning point for me. It creates contingency for a problem-solving process; to evaluate parts of my life I had neglected before.

It is my choice though, if I want this turning point to better me, as is God’s intention, or bitter me. That choice strongly relies on whether I have eternity in perspective.

See, what I do with the knowledge gained after the current crisis has passed will determine how I handle the next or similar crisis.

Ponder: Will I be better or bitter?

How I know I should feel:

On a more honest note: Dear Jesus, I am hard-pressed on every side, please deliver me before I burst like this watermelon. 

Inspired by A.R. Bernards ‘Faith in Practice’.

Thinking of: Watermelons and Hayden Panettiere in Remember the Titans.

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