Love In A Hopeless Place

People everywhere are trading their loneliness for temporary gratification. And I’m preaching to the choir here.

The book of Ecclesiastes warns us that one bad relationship can cost us the call of God.

Proof? Delilah. Remove Delilah from the picture and Samson would prolly have had many more chapters. And his eyesight.

The man who pleases God escapes her, but the sinner she will ensnare.

Ecclesiastes 7:26b

King Solomon, the wisest man to ever have lived, spoke those words because he had slept with over a thousand ‘strange’ women who led him away from God. He came to a place where he said among those women he bedded, not one was found righteous.

Why did he keep falling into this trap even when he knew his weakness? Well, that’s why it’s called a trap, it prolly caught him by surprise. Like a thousand times.

Note to self: Do not get entangled in relationships that will cost you your calling. Know your weakness. Keep your eyes peeled for the snares. Focus. Stay focused.

Hebrew 11:6 says God rewards those who diligently seek Him in faith. It does not say He rewards those who casually seek Him and wonder in doubt.

John Bevere. Having an Eternal Perspective.

Eff off, Satan!

Inspired by John Bevere’s Having An Eternal Perspective.

On a side note: SUCCESS WITH HERO! He finally let me pet him without trying to bite my thumb off! I sure showed that arrogant oversized hamster who’s boss. And how.

Thinking of: The higher way, how maturity has nothing to do with age but choices,, my website slowly looking better and why is it still so dark?!

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