Fiddler On The Roof (inc. Mini Review on F&F6)

There was an ideal road that I had paved.

It was inevitably forked with the mistakes that I would make.

The start was bricked with cautionary steps.

But the longer I travelled this road, the further I got from this ideal path on my map.

But I have to say, I find this in me; an innate desire to constantly stray from my idealistic route layout. Which is ironic since I drew it out in the first place.

I find the older I become, the more I am rejecting my childhood ideals and accepting modern reality.

I am the fiddler on the roof, struggling to string out a meagre tune while finding a balance without falling and breaking my neck.

I am the culprit behind every one of my ungratified childhood dreams.

Because the longer I travelled that predesigned road, the more I found it was no track my heart found pleasure in.

It’s like Google Mapping the trail between two points that is the fastest and with the least probability to get caught in a jam, but while driving, you spontaneously re-route.

I re-routed because I found myself asking desperately, ‘There must be more than this, right?!’

And so there was, He showed me a better way.

There is a way that seems right to a girl, but in the end it leads to death. For there are three ways in life: The right way, the wrong way and His way.

Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths.

Psalms 25:4

On a side note: This cartoon on Donald Duck’s marriage pretty much sums up today’s self-absorbed effed-up marriage institution. I like how Disney had a prophetic view of the 21st century.




Hmm, so-so plot. Nice action scenes.

Disappointing: Where are all the friggin’ awesome racing cars?!

Brian O’Conner: The heck is wrong with you man, you have a kid.

Vin Diesel: Get some Strepsils or something.

Fave scene: When Vin Diesel flew through the air to save his girl :3 awws you big lug ❤

Big hole in the plot: Toretto was already in a relationship with a very hot woman, and he dumped her just like that for his ex. Who shot him in the chest. And completely forgot who he was. Or what they had. What kind of bullery is this?!

Dear directors, thanks for keeping the Asian alive. Oh wait. Scratch that -.-


Plus point: All the British accents.

Question: How long is that airstrip runway? O_O

Worth it? Well, I was zoning out a bit here and there.

Watch at your own discretion. Don’t go for the story, go for the Rock.

Thinking of: The Fresh Prince, the importance of family, favour in the darkest of hours, slowly getting up, day out with mummy, Timeflies I Choose U and JLS’s Hold Me Down.

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