WonderLast: Dubai. Day 2.

A man grabbed my hand today and told me he would kill me.

But! I found the best bargains and had really good lamb kebab for dinner 🙂

Also Taken is playing on tv right now o_O oh the timing.

More details to be edited once I get back.

Thinking of: Why have all the handsome men and women of this world chosen Dubai as their permanent residence?

4 thoughts on “WonderLast: Dubai. Day 2.

  1. Lol he said he was going to but he didn’t do anything. It was part of the bargaining process.

  2. I was bargaining for items and I guess I bargained too low then he grabbed my hand and said ‘I will kill you’ :/ not as scary as it sounds I assure you. Dubai is one of the safest places in the world 🙂 but it was kinda creepy coz it happened in an alley way o_O thanks for your concern.

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