Keep Calm and Walk On Water.

Something I heard at cell a few weeks ago really stuck to me.

I’ve always known it, but it only really sunk in today;

Peter was the one and only man, to walk on stormy waters.

I’m not ignorant of what I’m going through. I’m aware that I’m not taking this whole growing up thing very well. Most times I’m choosing to shut help out rather than receive it. Denying the necessity to get up instead of accepting it.

Why? I’ll let you know when I have the answers.

There are two storms that the disciples faced with Jesus.

In one, Jesus calmed the storm.

In the other, Jesus didn’t.

Jesus proves that He can calm the storm. So why doesn’t He?

He can make the troubles and anxieties go away. So why doesn’t He?

The storms that Jesus didn’t calm in my life have revealed a lot about myself. What a coward I am, how I’m so easily scared and how I always would take the easy way out at the first opportunity I get.

Those storms have also revealed God’s faithfulness, that as much as I push Him away in my immaturity, He is going out of His way to hold on to me for dear life.

Why did Jesus calm one storm but not the other?

Jesus wanted the disciples to have a revelation of what He can do IN the storm, not just TO the storm.

Peter was the one and only man, to walk on stormy waters. And he couldn’t have done it without responding when Jesus called him and taking that first step out of the boat.

The more I am challenged in an area I didn’t think I could handle, the further I see myself walking across the deep. And when I get that sinking feeling, before I know it, He’s reached out His hand to keep my head above the waters.

People describe their difficulties in many ways; as valleys, darkness, storms, etc. I want to learn to be calm through and through. Why shouldn’t I be when I can trust in One who protects me through the valleys, whose Word is a light unto my darkest path and who, even is He chooses not to calm the storm, will shelter me through it.

But You, Oh God, are a shield for me. The glory and the lifter of my head.

Thinking of: How Your presence is Heaven to me.

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