Project Hip Hope ’13

Well. It’s over. My legs feel a bit lost.

BUT I’ve definitely upped my game through this. And Mistery ignited back my passion for drawing. I’m thinking I want to try personalizing my portrait graffiti-style.

graffiti 1graffiti 2

What do you think? Potential?

So thankful for those who came and supported me at the concert and those who supported me even though you couldn’t make it. I feel the love :3

Thanks guys for being there for me.IMG-20130722-WA0017

Raising our glasses to Project Hip Hope 2014.

Here’s to wreckonizing more of our local talent.

Minute moment of hypocrisy: Everyone taking autographs from the crews and I’m all like, “Geez they’re just human.” Then Mistery comes up to me and hands me his comic book and CD and I’m like, “CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH PLEASE!”

Fan-girl hypocrisy.

Thinking of: How project Hip Hope has brought us all closer, going for a nice massage and that fabulous whaacker.

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