Artisan: Soul Package

I love making care packages. It is like a gift from the soul. Soul-y for you.

Today I shall talk a bit about putting together a little care package. With the holidays just around the corner, if you’re one who loves showering your loved ones with personalized gifts, I’m with you on this one 🙂 Let’s begin.

This package contains decorative items that have no useful purposes whatsoever, so they’re perfect for Christmas gift exchange or special anniversaries where you want to spend more effort than money.

Part I: The Sand Bottle

Step 1: Find a bottle. You can use small or big, depending on your preference.


I used a Starbucks coffee bottle.

photo (1)

Step 2: Lay out one bottle of salt water, one tray of shells and one tray of clear water.

photo (3)

Step 3: Clean your seashells. I find using chopsticks work the best because it gets ALL the crooks and nannies.

photo (4)

Step 4: Lay them out to dry. Meanwhile admire your seashells.

photo (5)

Step 5: Arrange them into the bottle and cover the top. I cut a piece from an old t-shirt

photo (2)

Part II: The Wallet.

Step 1: Buy a wallet/purse

Step 2: Paint it white (his/her favourite colour)


Part III: Felt an animal

Try out a new skill like felting an animal. You can get one of these at any arts and craft stores or Daiso.

Pick one that best describes his/her personality. I picked an animal that is obsessed with its trunk.

photo (6)photo (7)

Note: Needles are quite fragile and can break. And yes, I can see that it’s nothing like the picture. Mind ya’ business.

photo (8)

Final step: Packaging! Do it however you like 🙂 and voilà!


I’d like to share a personal story here. A few months back a friend of mine had a birthday and we wanted to get him something special because he’s such a  good friend. He recently had started gym-ming and we thought what better gift than to give him a gym bag?

But I felt I wanted to do a little more for the guy, so I made a gym care package to go along. I found out his favourite soaps, shampoos, what not and compiled together a package with mini toiletries, towels, drinking bottle, etc. We wrapped it up and packed it in the gym bag. It cost about RM150.

When we passed it to him, he seemed pretty happy. But a few weeks down the road I find out from him that he actually would’ve preferred something else for that value. Why? Because those were things he could’ve bought himself. It would’ve made more sense for me to buy him shoes. Because he needed those and they would prolly cost about the same.

I have to say I was a little offended and vowed to never DIY anything anymore for that ungrateful baskedong. At the time.

But then in retrospect, I have come to this conclusion:

There are two kinds of people in this world. The kind that likes monetary gifts, and the kind that likes DIY gifts.

One is not lesser than the other. I always assumed that DIY gifts obviously matter more since it takes more effort, but I have felt that my care packages were treated like a 5 year olds finger painting artwork to those that much prefer, let’s say, brand new shoes.

That being said, every one is different, it is the job of the giver that when getting a gift for someone, she must be well acquainted with which gift will be more well received.

There are those that really appreciate care packages and gifts that are well-thought out. To those, put in every effort to learn about their likes and dislikes so you can make the best soul gift.

For the friends that prefer things, find out what they need and buy it 🙂

For that shallow duck that ties the value of a gift to monetary value, suck on glue, next year you’re getting a gift card ‘coz I’m never making anything for you ever again.

Sigh. Anger issues flaring up again =/ Jesus, help.

Special thanks to: My sister for always encouraging me to let my art speak despite its imperfection and reminding me, it doesn’t matter if your gifts are appreciated, just know yourself that you gave 100% of your heart and did it completely out of love.

Thank you God for the special ones in my life that appreciate me.

Thinking of: Paramore’s Still Into You, calming down, Joanna Pacitti’s Watch Me Shine, Austin Mahone’s What About Love, Rob Schneider in Hot Chick, RDJ in Only You, RDJ in Iron Man, just, RDJ.

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