Cheaters Never Prosper

My sister used to say that to me in a sing-songy voice anytime I cheated in board games.

Fine, I admit. I cheat. Sometimes. At games. And sports. But only because I want to win. Not because I want to cheat. It’s a compulsion. A disease, if you will. I’m seeking help. I promise. I’m not competitive. Not all the time.

But I would draw the line at cheating on a lover.

Recently I watched this book-turned-movie called, “Something Borrowed”. In a nutshell, its about this a cute girl who cheats with her best friend’s handsome fiancé.

This movie irked me not because of it’s predictable stale plot and bad acting but because of the message it was sending:

That it’s okay to cheat if you and him are the better looking ones it’s okay to cheat as long as it’s with someone you love.

The entire movie revolved around the cute girl and how she hid this act of sin from her bff. She feels terrible for what she did but ends up with the guy anyway. The movie ends with the bff pregnant and calling off the wedding and the two cheaters walking off hand-in-hand towards the sunset.


If you ask me, the movie should be about the bff. It’s harder to be cheated on than to cheat.

Correct me if I’m wrong but you would be more broken if the man who pledged to marry you ran off with your best friend than if you ran off with your best friend’s Tom-Cruise-Lookalike-fiancé.

Why show us how to cheat and end up with the guy? That’s easy. I don’t need Hollywood to teach me that. Why not show us what happens when you’re cheated on? How do you pick up the pieces?

Because then it wouldn’t be a chick flick. Then it would be a horror movie.

Ideally, the plot should’ve ended with the guy having his gonads fed to Obama’s dogs and the girl accidentally falling into an airplane propeller while the girl who was dumped ends up with actual Tom Cruise.

Because THAT would be some form of justice.

Realistically, many men and women who have cheated on their spouses have ended up in great post-cheating relationships.

Realistically, many spouses are left to pick up the broken pieces of their homes and heart.

Why do people cheat? I got the answer from someone who used to cheat on his/her spouse.

Five Finger Theory

This is in no way a license to cheat but it is said that if you can fulfill your spouse’s needs for emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and social support, he/she won’t go looking for it elsewhere.

Prevention? Keep the exes away being interested in your loved one.

Cure? “It is mine to avenge. I will repay”, says the Lord.

To those of you who have suffered the consequences of an unfaithful spouse, you may not get justice in this world, but there is a very just God who sees all =/

On a side note: Whatever you do, don’t sell your soul to the devil for revenge.

Thinking of: The affairs of the unfaithful and Level 147 of Candy Crush.

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