Business 101: Packaging


Google and you’ll find out how important it is.

Now, I do videos, there’s not much packaging involved.

Or is there?

It all boils down to one thing. How appealing are you?

We live in a culture where appearances are everything.

Be honest. You buy the iPhone because of how it looks, not because it’s a smart phone. I’ve used an iPhone, I find it has ADHD.

That aside, the Samsung S4 has done an amazing job of packaging. From the box to the gems within, this is the only item I own where I actually enjoyed reading the manual and functions.

Okay, why am I telling you this? When I was first delivering an order, I thought, “Well hey, it’s a video, nobody cares how I present it. I guess a USB would do.”


Packaging matters! That’s why Christmas presents are wrapped up so nicely! It’s to play up expectations even if the gift is crappy, last-minute and from left-over-sale. How much more when you’re selling your OWN product and putting your art and soul into it?

I could’ve just bought a cool USB and put the video in it. But doesn’t this look SOOOOOO much more better?


It was a lot of work. But that’s how much you should value your customer and his/her satisfaction.

Here’s my advise: Give your best, even if it takes all day.

Side note: Learn to tie a ribbon here.

Mini panic: Why am I feeling so tired?!

Thinking of: Vision board.Vision board.Vision board.Vision board.Vision board. And customer follow-up.

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