The Price is Right

Temptations are rising in these last days and I feel my holy habits under pressure. What used to be so sacrilegiously wrong has snaked it’s way up a politically correct tree.

A major research firm conducted a survey to determine what people would be willing to do for ten million dollars.

3 percent would put their children up for adoption

7 percent would kill a stranger

16 percent would divorce their spouses

25 percent would leave their families

It doesn’t have to be money. I remember in high school a couple of girls and I were discussing the terms under which we would have an abortion. We all eagerly nodded our heads in agreement as one of us confessed that if the child were diagnosed with some kind of life-long disease or malformation we wouldn’t blink an eye to taking it out. “It’s for the best.” We proclaimed. No point bringing a down syndrome child into this world when it would have slim chances of surviving past 30 anyway.

I’m scared to dig too deep for the truth but I feel I stood for stronger principles before I understood reality.



Inspired by Wayne Brouwer

On a side note: Raven Symone!

Thinking of: How to preserve the innocence.

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