Business 101: The Discipline of Less

You’ve heard it said less is more. How true is this in the business world?

When we have nothing, so to speak, our values, motivation and purpose are very specific. Success. Once we have success, one door opens another and before you know it you’re spoiled for choice. Does this phenomenon diffuse the very clarity with which we started with?

Maybe, but we sure can prevent it.

1. Constantly apply tougher criteria.

With more choices in business opportunities, you’ll have to be even more specific about how you want to grow your market. As paradoxical as that may sound, it’s more of disciplining your mind to know in specific what you want to achieve in general.

2.  Eliminate what is non-essential.

De-cluttering your thoughts are like de-cluttering your room, it leaves more space for the next phase. It’s harsh, but don’t hold on to what holds you back. Be ready to throw out old dogma’s to reinvent new ones.

3. Get rid of nostalgic opportunities.

Sometimes you have to be brutal.  It isn’t about how much YOU value the opportunity, but how much you would sacrifice in order to obtain it.

Bridle your mind. It isn’t about haphazardly rejecting random opportunities based on whim and fancy, it’s about staying focused.

Keeping it simple, keeping it real.

Inspired by Greg McKeown.

For the full article refer to this Harvard Business Review article.

On a side note: Widdy-bitty cutie!

Thinking of: Throwing out the trash.

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