Vortex Affect.

An advanced pilot has to be instrument-rated. That basically means he’s certified to fly a plane under severe weather conditions and that he’s well-versed with the flight manual. During this training pilots will have to undergo some form of flight simulation. They’re tossed around and made to go through expected and unexpected weather conditions including intense turbulences.

The most important part of flying 30,000 feet up in the atmosphere is having sight of the horizon. Imagine if he’s in fogged up air and suddenly he hits this vortex of cumulonimbus doom, he’ll prolly have 93 seconds to take control before he spirals into a mountain and kills everyone on that plane.

Yes. It IS that life-threatening.

In a world where everything can be microwaved and ready to consume in less than 2 minutes, far-sightedness is more valuable than you think.

Think twice.

The same way a pilot has a flight manual, we have the Bible.

If I had 93 seconds to get my life under control or else go down in flames?

I’d run to Psalms 93.

The floods have lifted up, O Lord,
The floods have lifted up their voice;
The floods lift up their waves.

The Lord on high is mightier
Than the noise of many waters,
Than the mighty waves of the sea.

Psalms 93:3-4

Thank You for protecting me under severe turbulences.

Inspire by Rev. Dr. Kong Hee

Thinking of: How no cumulonimbus ain’t gonna get the best of me.

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