The Food Critic: dip ’n dip

Oh my lanta they have milked the sweet nectars from the holy chocolate trees of Eden.

I can’t even…

Look. Don’t question the chocolate deities. They have made their abode in Bangsar’s dip ‘n dip’s triple chocolate Brownies crêpe.

2013-09-17 00.20.26


Just, yes.


Why not 5? Service was meh. Then again, it could be because I had this at 12:30 in the morning. But I beg to argue, if you open a chocolate dessert shop, how can you be surprised when you see women coming in at all odd hours??

Find it on Jalan Telawi, Bangsar.

On a side note:


I see.

On a cuter side note:

She finally named her kitten: Whiskey!

2013-09-10 21.37.56

I feel my initial dislike towards kats slowly waning.

Note to Michelle Wee: I shall be coming over more to “visit” you.

Thinking of: A very relaxing weekend.

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