Old School

About 2 weeks ago I passed by my old school, SKR Kelana Jaya and I thought, “Well hey, I haven’t seen this place in 13 years, let’s do a little exploring.”

So I went in and lied to the guard that I was there to see the principle.

It was like Honey, I shrunk the school.

Everything so teeny-tiny.

Uber sad that my favourite hopscotch place was cemented over =/

Uber happy that the pagar where the pedophiles used to come and flash us was now walled up.

All the haunted trees were chopped down and all the haunted classrooms were now fancy-schmancy labs.

Watching over my school, I just started thinking how much I loved my childhood here.


I travelled to every beautiful place my childish mind could conceive. I met all sorts of people. They all helped me grow and even if I don’t keep in touch with them, I’ll always remember every lesson I learnt here in SRK Kelana Jaya.

1) It’s important to make friends and play nice. Even with the bullies.

2) Studying is a privilege.

3) Gain respect from people in authority, like the principle, teachers and prefects.

4) You only need one friend who you can trust.

5) Don’t laugh at the boy who eats eraser shavings.Don’t reject the ones who are different.

6) Don’t condemn the ones who make mistakes.

I guess there’s more but before I could think of more the guard kinda saw me loitering around taking pictures and I had to make a run for it. Literally. I’m now a fugitive who stupidly gave her real IC number when signing in with the guard.

Guess it’s a matter of time before they find me.

On a side note: Telestration. Yes. Also known as the game to identify your sabo-friends.


Thinking of: The adventures of Sabostar, this angling bait in front of me, love146 and real world problems.

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