The Girl With Head Lice.

After writing out my experience going back to my primary school which I hadn’t stepped into in 13 years, I was reminded of a few people who have experienced severe rejection at the age of 7.

One of them being this girl with full blown head lice. Her lice was so bad you could literally see huge bugs leaping around in her thick black curly fro. She smelled of coconut oil and her school uniform was always dirty.

And no one would play with her.

She would come to play ice&fire or Coca-Cola with us and everyone would just flee. After some time she would just sit still on a nearby bench and watch us play. She never shed a tear. Not any one that I saw.

I don’t know why her mom never medicated her hair. Maybe they didn’t have the finances. Maybe her mother just didn’t care.

But I know my mother did. My mother was one of those extremely loving mothers that would bring food to the school and feed me roti canai and dhal while I ran around playing catch. And she would always bring a little extra for the Girl with Head Lice. She would feed her and talk to her even when the rest of us fled because we didn’t want lice in our hair.

What is it like for a 7 year old to not have any friends? To have people always running away from you. To have a problem that you cannot solve and be reminded of it everyday.

I didn’t learn from my mother at that age, because I never accepted her until I left that school.

Today I regret that I never took the time to tell her how much she is loved, beautiful and treasured.

I didn’t understand it then, but I get it now.

Why should a child learn the ugly rejection of how shallow a human can be?

I pray, I am not that same shallow idiot I was when I was 7.

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them;
    He delivers them from all their troubles.

Psalms 34:17

On a side note:

Feeling a little hatred.

Thinking of: How talking about it didn’t make it better and that closure is a load of crap.

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