Christ Is Within The 危机

There’s this movie called Blast from the Past where Brendan Fraser is a child who grows up in an underground bomb shelter and discovers the world at 35.

He is unaware of the times, the changes and his naïvité makes him susceptible to people taking serious advantage of him.

It would be bad farming if a farmer were to treat summer like winter and sleep through the harvest. Or winter as spring. Spring doesn’t last forever.

As the sons of Issachar understood the times, they were able to instruct their people on what to do.

There’s a book called The Fourth Turning that discusses the symptoms of each generational turn. Pulling from the concept of seasons, the spring of 1948 is different from the spring of 2013 but spring does have its symptoms.

Meaning to say what Ecclesiastes 1:9 says:

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

Therefore the greatest advantage to you in knowing where you are is knowing how to get the best out of it.

A study was done on an 80 year cycle- even the Romans studied it- called The Saeculum.

Let’s start 80 years before, during the 1940’s. Take a look at their research:

The Generational Diagonal

If what they speak about is accurate, then we are in a season of winter. Or crisis. That would prevail till the 2020’s.

Denying the crisis with positivity is like sitting in a room within a sailing ship. You can convince yourself the room is not moving but the ship is still sailing.

But knowing we are in a crisis isn’t meant to bring a gloom, it’s a chance to look at things the way the Chinese do:

危机 (Crisis)= Risk+Opportunity

I am born within the 80’s & 90’s generation which research calls the Hero Generation that change the structures for spring.

In Australia I had to know the seasons. Why? The weather knows when you walk out without an umbrella or jacket. The menopausal change in temperature in Adelaide drove me mad. I had 5 umbrellas. Just in case.

God. Has. A. Plan.

*HE’S* on the throne. Not some lunatic.

I think it scares me that God’s timing is like a mango.

Sweet when it’s eaten ripe but sour if it’s eaten before its time.

It scares me when I hear You say, “Wait. Don’t rush into anything.” But You are bigger than my bondage, my pain, my history, my defilement, rebellion, rejection, bigger than my wounds. I’m glad You are for me. You are more than enough for me. Blanket me with Your security as I choose Your way. You are real. I matter to You. How I live matters to You and after all of this ish, I’ll still say, “I’m walking after that One.” 

Inspired by Sy Rogers

Note to self: Just don’t quit.

Thinking of: Houses built on sand, houses built on rocks, God’s capabilities, 3 day old mayo with tuna, the latchkey children and Gumball.

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