Crash Bandicoot Versus The Boss

I used to LOVE video games when I was younger.

List: Crash Bandicoot, SuperMario, Donkey Kong, Tekken 1 through 6, RayMan, Punky Skunk, Prince of Persia, etc.

They’re all adventure games. Which mean one thing; a boss before level-ing up.

I hated fighting bosses. Hate. Hate. It’s not that I can’t fight them. It’s just that I was afraid of them. Of course now in retrospect obviously it’s dumb to be scared of them la but imagine if you were 8 years old and you’ve got this staring at your face!

Needless to say I was a coward and ran to my bro to help me ‘defeat’ the boss.

He defeated my bosses for years. It seemed I couldn’t get over that fear. Even if it was just a game, I hated the thought that this evil could destroy my lives that were renewable after restarting the game.

I ran to my brother for everything. When the printer wasn’t working. When the WiFi was down. When the toilet smelled like wine. When the bullies came.

I remember this one time, I was prolly about 9 or 10, I was cornered by a bunch of giant-sized bullies during recess and somehow word got to my brother I was in distress. God bless the heart of the girl who went for help. Out of nowhere my brother comes from the crowd and asks a simple question to the bullies, “What’s going on?” and immediately one of the larger girls just broke down crying. It was the funniest thing ever because my brother was smaller than me. I guess it’s just his aura XD

There’s also the time we discovered shaving our backs, putting a chair through my leg and a wire through his fingers, but those are different stories for a different time.

I think God knew what a defenseless sissy I would likely be,

and set a very real guardian Iron Man to watch over me.


Thanks Anna for always fighting for me 🙂 For teaching me how to catch spiders. Or how to hide the rotans. Or how to super glue broken furniture. Or how to piss Miss Thilaga off. For always defeating the Papu-Papus, Bowsers, Dr. Neo Cortexes that bully me . You’re the best big brother a girl could ask for. Thank you for being my wall of protection. I love you.


Happy Birthday! You’ll always be my Ironman.

Thinking about: How I have the best brother in the world.

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