Filmophile: The Butler

Mariah?! O crud. What is he doing?! Don’t drop it. Oprah?! Why would you do that?! O fudge O_O Lenny Kravitz? Mrs. Doubtfire in da White House. lol. DOGGIES! Dang, Mrs Kennedy. Haha, he’s so funny. PROFESSOR SNAPE?! Oh gross, afro armpit O_O Aww sho shweet :3 Stahp! What you doing?! STAHP! He was the hero all along =’) Finally after 20 years. *tears*

This was me during The Butler.

It is good.

It was worth my money.


Once again, Forest Whitaker, you have my heart and my full attention.

This movie taught me to appreciate a lot. It taught me to appreciate people who fight for rights, the ones who deny themselves so others can be free. Violence and racial tension can destroy a nation, and if we choose to be ignorant to its effects, we sell ourselves and our fellow people short.


To see black people spit upon and denied access to public places.

And to think this was just a couple years back. Humanity has chosen to come a long way.

I am proud to be Malaysian, to be Indian. I love my skin, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Despite the name-calling and differential treatment, I know I was made to love and be loved as a human. We don’t all have equal rights here, and many still use skin colour and social stigma to judge and practice favouritism, but I love that ultimately I live a world that is always changing for the better, because people won’t take your prejudice rubbish forever, because people choose to be better than that and, most importantly, God is in control.

I’ve come to appreciate what my parents have fought to protect me from.



Lee Daniels. *honour courtesy*

Acting. +. History. +. Comedy. +.

Inspirational level: Simply delightful.

I can’t leave the same after walking out of that cinema, something must change within me.

Love the skin you’re in. Love the country you live in. The people, we can work on.

On a side note: I am not taking this as well as I thought.

Thinking of: Strabismus, how to say padding in Canto, begging for mercy and a little more commitment.

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