Filmophile: Escape Plan


Frankly, Stallone. *applause*

So impressed.

Aww! So good la.  So good!

I love the whole concept! An inescapable prison. Even after knowing they were actually in a ship beforehand I was still on the edge of my seat during the movie.

Prison Break Level: Ultimate.

Did not like:

Stallone getting beaten up. Every time a guard man-handled him I felt a bit queasy. Not so much feels for Arnold tho’.


Arnold’s goatee. What is going on with that?

Loved the chemistry between the two.

It’s fairly predictable but the anticipation is in how they were going to escape. You know it’s going to happen, but how?



Why not 5? Still a little predictable =/ I knew he was Meinheim/Mahoney/Malone the whole time =/ And also, it didn’t have a major inspiration factor other than I should really start paying attention to detail.

But it is a good movie to watch. Not GREAT. Good. Way better than Gravity, I hear.

Stallone and Schwarze-swagger combo YES!

Thinking of: Arnold Screwdriver and why can’t you be a little bit more encouraging instead of running your mouth. I guess I’ll do the same.

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