WedLock: Ivan + Pei Teng

It’s finally out! GREENSCREEN’s FIRST official wedding video.

Jesus, I never dreamed we’d come this far. And it’s only the beginning! Thank You for Your providence and guidance. And we both know, there are shots in there only You could have known about and only You could orchestrate to perfection.

I dedicate this video to You 🙂 I wuv You.

Click on picture to view the video
Click on picture to view “One Step Closer | Ivan + Pei Teng”

There so many things, obviously, I could’ve done differently and better but that’s what the learning curve is for 🙂

Thank you, Ivan and Pei Teng for trusting me with your big day. I didn’t want to give you less than my very best.

Thank you to my crew and the people who provided creative direction.

My apologies to the photographers if I photobombed your perfect pictures =/

ALSO: NEW LAYOUT! After 6 years, Ocadia theme, you have been faithful :’) I will always remember your teal comfort and floral borders.

Thinking of: How important it is to think twice before pranking someone and how it is always better to give than to receive and one day, this will all pay off hopefully in British pounds, US Dollars, Singaporean Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euros…

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