You Drive Me Crazy

I was a feminist for one semester in uni but it didn’t stick.

Turns out I like having men step up when it comes to driving, planning, teaching, leading, holding the door open, pulling out the chair, carrying a heavy load; turns out I like chivalry.

Turns out I like the idea of wearing dresses, asking for help, being pampered, attempting to be polite, cooking, cleaning, four-square dancing, high-tea and sneezing into a handkerchief; all that jazz that makes a lady that word.

I have heard so many women saying this:

I’ve heard a few rare men speak up and say:

I’d act like a gentleman if you were more like a lady.

Those words pierce but carry so much truth. As much as I think being a gentleman is a conduct regardless of how lady-like she is, it seems unwarranted in this day and age to expect either gender roles to be determined by what we have been brought up to think is chivalrous or lady-like, especially when society currently bids otherwise.

So, yes, a man perfectly capable of driving expecting to sit comfortably in a car while the woman drives pricks me a little. But it’s not right to impose my own girlish fantasies of what a man should and shouldn’t do if I’m not prepared for mutatis mutandis. Well, not on a friend at least.

Da*n you, Equality, you double-edged sword.

Note to self: Be grateful for growing up in a house where father and son set amazing examples of chivalrous men.

Also note to self: Act more like a lady. Ladies attract gentlemen. Stop obsessing about this lady-gentleman thing, you have so much work to do!

Jesus, please bless me with a chivalrous husband.

Thinking of: The disposition in equality and all the distractions la-la-la.

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