How-To: Set Up A Soft Box and Say Goodbye To Your Car

About a month ago, I bought studio lights from BigBigStudio. They were cheap and I needed to learn about lighting.

Now a month later, I finally got down to unpacking it and… there was no manual.

2013-10-25 14.36.58

It was all in sections and pieces.

This tutorial is how to set up the Onsmo O3 Soft Box Studio Lights.

How do you set up something you have never set up before and only vaguely know what it looks like?

Google. Youtube. Vimeo. Yahoo answers.

In the words of the wise Michelle Wee: ‘Just look at the picture la!’

Here’s the tutorial that helped me the most:

Basic steps are:

1) Set up your tripod

2) Stick the lights on the top of the tripod

3) Adjust the speed ring on the lights. Gently.

4) Set up your soft box (black leather-y cloth), first by poking 2 of the four steel rods into the non-velcro ends (in the reflective area) and into the speed ring (that round metal thingy). Put the remaining two through the velcro into the bottom speed ring holes and adjust the velcro until it gets into an umbrella shape.

5) Screw the light bulb in by the base. Gently. GENTLY.

6) Clip/latch on the inner diffuser (smaller white cloth). There should be a place for the diffuser to hang/stick.

7) Fit the outer diffuser (larger white cloth) over the edges of the softbox. It’ll stick because of the velcro.

8) Plug it in and enjoy.


My encouragement to you is this; if I can do it, man, you can too. You can too.

On a sad note: Sigh. Goodbye Maroon 5461. You have served me well even though I overused you and never bothered to find out your model until 2 weeks before selling you. Thank you for keeping my passengers comfortable, never breaking down on me, only banging into unmoving inanimate objects and always telling me when I’m too close to the wall. I have deeply enjoyed our moments together.

May you serve your next master well.

ArrivederciFiero BMW :’)

2013-10-07 09.49.58

Thinking of: Graduation goggles, how risky I am and is there a cricket in my room?

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