Artisan: HandyCam Pouch

So my old handy cam bag was falling apart and a very good sewer/sower/alterationist/seamstress friend of mine very graciously offered to teach me how to make a new pouch for Handy.

Step 1:

Buy the cloth for the outside, inside, zipper, handle and cotton batting. And a button. Just for funsies.


I spent about RM62.80 from Fabric Fanatics at The Summit USJ.


Step 2:

Measure the pieces according to the pouch size you want and cut them out.


You’ll need about 4 parts for the outer layer and 3 part of the inner and it’s corresponding batting parts. Use the exact measurements for the inside as you do the outside and batting.

Don’t forget to cut out the zipper part and strap handles.


Step 3:

Iron on the batting.


Step 4:

Sew the parts together.


And when you can’t, hire cheap labour.


Step 5:

Sew on the button, clip on the strap and admire your new pouch 😀



Unfortunately, we sew the strap handles too unevenly so it tips over upside down sometimes. BUT! It looks pretty so yay.


Special thanks to: Choo Jia Yi for helping me make the pouch. You did almost 90% and I took the length of a pregnancy to finish the remaining 10%. Can’t wait for you to come back 🙂

On a side note: Was just introduced to the best pop songs of 2013 cover.

Thinking of: Anthem Lights, owls, flies and foo foo cuddly-poops.

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