Filmophile: The Great Gatsby

This film wasn’t what I thought it would be.



The Great Gatsby is a movie based on a novel of the same name. It tells of Nick Carraway’s encounter with the elusive millionaire, Jay Gatsby.

I fed on the mystery Jay Gatsby’s character portrayed. I was wanting to know how did he get rich, what was his motives with Nick, what’s with the parties, why was he always making ‘calls’ and quietly telling people off on the phone?

It was all for her; the house, the parties.

It’s a bit disconcerting to see a man so blindly, madly and illogically in love with a woman who cannot make up her mind.

Let’s talk actors. Leo did a good job. Toby, as soon as I get spiderman out of my head, wasn’t too bad, could’ve done better. No one besides these two stood out.

Character development between Nick and Jay was not too shabby, it got the job done.

Plot was unravelling in layers, so definitely kept me glued. I think I expected more after unwrapping all the layers. The final present left me a little uninspired and unsatisfied.

The saddest part was that no one came to his funeral. It was only attended by the media, not even one of the many who played at his house parties. Not even the woman who claimed to love him.

Good soundtrack, yes! Good. A+ for style and music. I love flappers.



Overall the narration was sheer poetry, you can tell the depths of the author’s sharp style and flair within and without.

The mystery kept me going but why not 5? Well for one I was getting a little put off when Jay kept saying ‘Old Spoh’. Sounded like old spoon -.-. I thought there would be a little more behind his motives. Everything was so dazzling I thought there must’ve been more to his story. More than purely love for a woman. That kind of love is beyond my imagination.

Is it possible for an actor to play an obsessed man without dragging down the whole atmosphere with him?

I may have given an extra diamond because I may be a little biased since I just re-watched The Titanic. Poor penniless Leo, captivating women with his charm, always dying in the end. Dying in the water.

Meh. Might grab the book and give it a read. Edited: I did read the book! It was fantastic!

Gatsby looked at Daisy the way every young girl wanted to be looked at. The Great Gatsby.

On a side note: First, Pretty Kang Kang, now this. China, y u so funny.

Thinking of: How any thing I say now will be insincere, old spoh.

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