2014: Drama-Free Since Two-Oh-One-Three

2013: “

Me: “

As I walk out of 2013’s door with the baggages he had unceremoniously thrust into my reluctant hands, I can’t help but tell him almost violently, and much more to myself, “Well, I can’t wait to get the hell out of here.”

2013 has treated me like a bowl of cereal with mites hidden within it’s flakes. Mites that don’t show themselves until the crumbs settle. Mites that breed beneath the surface and  purpose to defile from within.

Natural instinct tells me to throw the bowl away. Obviously. But I can’t.

As much as 2013 has been a jerk to me, he has taught me the greatest lesson I have ever learnt;

That God is always faithful. Always.

It’s easy to be grateful when you’re sitting at a 10-course meal served by a waiter in a white coat.

It’s easy to be grateful when you’re running care-free by a seashore with your feet sinking into the softest sands.

It’s easy to be grateful when it’s beautiful.

How do you be grateful when you only have one meal, and there are mites in it?

How do you be grateful when it’s cumbersome to even get out of bed?

Yet He has shown me mercy when I least deserved it and grace when I needed it most.

I know the thoughts You have towards me, they are for good. Thank You for every miracle and every situation You have walked me through.

I wasn’t really in the mood for resolutions, but I thought, what the hey, life should be lived not endured.

So here it it. 2014 RESOLUTIONS!


Drama-Free since Two-Oh-One-Three.


  1. Reach 70 subscribers on YouTube. I currently have 62 subscriptions. 79 subs as of 31st Dec 2014
  2. Do 2 tutorialsWaffles & How to Get Conned by MLM
  3. Learn a new skill/language.  一种语言永远不够。
  4. Go for one missions trip. Spent a few hours at a Myanmar Refugee house, more to come.

2012/13 Reso’s brought forward to 2014

  1. Record another T.Swift cover. Happy Birthday Jean video
  2. Record 2 dance videos, one showing what I’ve learnt in popping class.
  3. Donate blood. For goodnesssakes, how hard is it to do this.
  4. Complete 8 chin-ups.
  5. Record another short film. Joined the BERJAYA film competition
  6. Write fourth page of novel.
  7. Learn how to tie-dye
  8. Go for at least ONE dance competition.Sigh. This has to go.

2014 Reso’s

  1. Keep the drama free streak going on.

As for 2013’s reso’s? Here’s the updated version of what I achieved.

Well 2014, I shall welcome you with open arms. Please. Please don’t screw me over.



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