Filmophile: A Beautiful Mind


I have finally watched this.

I feel like right now, I really appreciate my sanity.

I appreciate that as lonely as it gets in my room, it’s never lonely in my head.


In short, it’s a movie about a man who’s a mathematical genius who succumbs to a mental illness.

The Good

Russell Crowe did a fantastic job. Now I don’t know what John Nash was like in real life, but Crowe’s portrayal in the movie convinced me that John Nash was somewhere between being socially awkward, desperate for inclusion and mildly content with reclusion.

I love how he never gave up wanting to be original and he succeeded, despite his ‘beautiful’ mind constantly edging to get in the way.

Script was not too shabby.

The Bad

Maybe I’ve seen too many schizophrenia movies, this just didn’t ‘wow’ me.

The Ugly

Seeing people make fun of the way he walked and talked to myself just twisted that part of me that hears my mother saying, “It’s not nice to be mocked. Don’t mimic people.” And what is up with that scene where he tries to take out the chip from his arm?!

Can I just say, Jennifer Connelly was a doll. So beautiful. And she played such a loving wife. Even when he was mad, and was hurting their child, she still stood by his side. I’m being introduced to new notions of love.



I’m stoked I’ve finally watched a movie about the man who invented Game Theory. I would give it a 4.

I liked it. It was good. I liked Russell Crowe’s performance. I liked the first half of the plot. Second half- meh. Why not 5? Another schizophrenia movie? I wasn’t ‘wow’ed. But it was definitely a good show.

While we’re on the subject of math movies, 21 wasn’t as great as they played it up to be either.

On a related note: I hate how much I joke about losing one’s mind when I’ve seen what words can do. That has to change.

Thinking of: Eminem and Rihanna’s Monsters, Jennifer Connelly, John Nash, Game Theory and 2014.

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