Filmophile: BLACKFISH

This isn’t really a movie. It’s a documentary. And this post is not really a review, just an opinion.

Growing up I loved the ocean. A large part of it was a contribution of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. So when I attended SeaWorld as a child, naturally it seemed to me as a sanctuary for marine life.

That opinion now, has drastically changed.

A few months back I read a few articles on killer whale attacks on humans, which led me to this documentary.

The entire documentary largely revolves around the life of Tilikum, a killer whale at SeaWorld and the events that led up to him allegedly killing 3 humans that had the misfortune to step into his tank.

As a child, Tilikum was kidnapped from his mother,  and forced to prostitute himself as an entertainer for the pleasure of, well, us. He was scratched, bitten, starved and bled, quietly. Or so they thought.

Except for the latest murder of Dawn in 2010, there is no hard, physical evidence that Tilly was responsible for those deaths or egged the other killer whales on but he was highly suspect.

Think about this: There is no historical record of a killer whale harming a human in the wild. They are ALL of killer whales in captivity.

If you were in a bathtub for 25 years, you’d get a little psychotic too.

This documentary puts SeaWorld in the spotlight. And not in a good way. But if you log on to the SeaWorld website, you’ll see videos rebutting Blackfish as propoganda. Now my stand isn’t that we should boycott SeaWorld or that we should ignore the cry of the activists. My stand is this; it is not okay to exploit animals for personal pleasure or corporate profit.

Some of you may argue that is the circle of life, we are predators and they are prey. Here’s the thing though, humans are the only ‘animals’ on this planet that are capable of hurting other animals for fun. I really don’t think that this is what God meant when He told Adam to subdue the earth and take dominion over it.

I think it’s okay to eat animals for survival. It is NOT okay to stuff 3 killer whales in a metal box for 2/3’s of their life. It is NOT okay to separate mothers from calves for profit.

Humans are not stupid, we have a greater understanding of the ecosystem now than we did 40 years ago. So logically the argument here isn’t to free all the animals in captivity blindly into the wild and hope they make it on their own or carry on closing one eye to organizations that are supposed to be rehabilitating marine life but are in fact exploiting them, the argument here is how can we treat the animals better.

Taking dominion isn’t the same as bullying.

Watch BLACKFISH here.

On a side note: Feels good. Feels real good. I shall assemble all my family furniture without your help IKEA, thank you very much.

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