Ponder: Worship by Mae Wong


  • It’s where I can be ME with God. It’s a place where I can bring my praises, love, and adoration towards God without being judge. It’s only me and God.

Worship is also a place of renewal, restoration and resting. Worship is something you cannot fake because it comes from the heart.

I love worship. It is because not only expressed through music and lyrics of a song written by talented and gifted people, but its how God can move so powerful yet so gently through the songs even in total silence.

I donno about you all here, when I get stirred up from the core, a spiritual authority comes upon me to just praise God like no other, like challenging me to give my all or give more than above what I can give in worshipping God, the authority to declare His greatness, the authority to give Him all the glory He deserve, the authority to worship just because and also the courage and spiritual authority to wage a war against the enemies. Mostly the authority to love and worship God because “I LOVE HIM and I want to spend time with Him in worship”.

Worship is also where I challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone i.e. when I feel discouraged, seeking for answers, tired, or even stressed. Challenged to take up an authority given to praise and worship Him.

Cuz when we take hold of the authority to praise and give thanks and worship God, I see the chains of fear, timid-ness, shyness and also doubt broken, I seek breakthrough in my worship or even more so I receive my personal breakthroughs through worship. i.e. in camp.

“Worshiping God causes our deepest desires to come to past.” Darlene Zschech

Worship is where I receive, being soaked in His sweet presence and it’s when God ministers to me in his own special and caring way. It’s so easy to have my emotions put first but why must we all have emotional walls that prevents us in enjoying the richness of worship? When God said draw near to me and I will draw near to you.

Worship means so much to me personally, it is the one I love I am worshiping and adoring. It is the Father I call to. When you love your love ones whole heartedly and just want to lift him or her up (like God), I want to give my best to worship and spent time with God because is whom I love and is beautiful in all ways and he will always be there listening.

Worship is more than for just praising and adoring God’s beauty, power and love, it’s for a cause. I worship and praise just because….

By Mae Wong

Thinking of: Breakfast @ Garage51

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