Man-Made Tragedy

“Will God still help you out of a mess you yourself created?”

When a young girl asked me this recently, I believe she was genuine in asking how to deal with the torment of self-inflicted mistakes and not looking for reasons to continue operating below her fullest potential.

In the A+ Asian culture where people are so obsessed with getting things right and receiving pats on our backs for continually superseding excellent behaviour , I think we’ve forgotten the value of struggling not to get it wrong.

I paraphrase the words of a very wise man who said

You’ll never have real freedom if you’re shocked at your ability to fail.

We all wish to never rebel against life the way it was intended but there has to be a realization that you will be a failure in something, you will do something shameful, something that was wrong and someone will do wrong by you. Some things you cannot hope to undo in this lifetime. Why? Because this is real life. We live in a real world. With real people and the truth is the only person who will ever always do right by you is Jesus.

That being said, I believe Aaliyah knew what she was saying when she said, “Dust yourself off and try it again.”

It’s okay to fall down. It’s not okay to stay down. It is definitely NOT okay to walk away from the only One who could make it better.

Even a toe’s length forward towards God is better than no progress.

Vincent Fong

The most powerful people with the greatest stories we hear are from men and women who thought they were messed up beyond help but believed in a God who valued them for who they could be not for who they were.

He works all things out for good.

Inspired by Pastor Mark Elmo

Note to self: Don’t let pride stop you from receiving correction. In time the cone of shame will be removed.

Thinking of: LHDN, y u put me on hold for days? Pick up your extension and take my money!

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