Luca Manfé: The Master Chef

I don’t watch Masterchef. There’s just something about watching people make food I can’t eat that turns me off.

But it caught my eye for 3 hours an hour today.

Well, really,  Luca Manfé caught my eye.

In this one episode of the last 3 finalists, one of his competitors tried to screw him over. 5 minutes later he lends a hand to this same person who really needed a stick of butter to complete her dish.

His response?

“I don’t think a piece of butter is going to make her dish stand out that much, if it does good for her I’m going home. Tomorrow I can still look myself in the mirror.”

What an astounding magnanimous Italian heart.

To see someone willing to literally throw away a quarter million dollars to do a good deed for someone who tried to eliminate him just moments ago, oh, I have so much hope in mankind.

Side note: Italians are hilarious.

More exciting side note: Can’t wait to blog about Jesus Culture L!ve in KL!

Thinking of: Luca Manfé, this is good tv, Devious Maids, Chris Quilala and how it overwhelms and satisfies my soul.



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