WonderLast: Lombok Day 2

We took a cycle around the island in the morning. It was supposed to take approximately 2 hours. But for some reason, the good people in the bike shop conveniently left out mentioning the portion of the island that was too sandy that the bikes had to be manually pushed for a couple of kilometres. At noon under the tropical sun, it was just too hot. We ended up just jumping into to ocean to cool off.


Afterwards we took a walk around to look for a confectionery to buy cake for papa’s birthday and bumped into a nice man who liked my sun-kissed skin because I “Looked like brown sugar”. I want to say that I’m really loving the friendly locals. Loving this island. And that I don’t need to waste time choosing filters for my instagram photos because of all the natural beauty!


Oddly enough there was not a single franchise on the entire island. No McDonald’s. No Starbucks.

There was, however, a very tall man that resembled Captain America. Again, loving this island.


Thinking of: All the flesh, sunset sighting, #nofilter and Captain America.

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