WonderLast: Lombok Day 3

“Don’t fight over money and don’t squander your wealth.”

Those were my father’s words of advise to us tonight as we ate and drank to his 60th birthday.

My father is an amazing man. He is a good man. I would be accomplished if I turned out to be even half the man he is.

He was my hero when I was 12 and even more so now when I’m walking into adulthood.

He has taught me to value life, wealth, health and relationships.

He has taught me to never stand for people looking down on you because you’re in the minority.

He taught me that success isn’t measured by money but by integrity and honour.

He has encouraged me to pursue discipline and peace. That if these two were not strong pillars in me, then my business and family will fail.

He taught me helping people who are less fortunate is a choice that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

On that note, he also taught me that gratitude should be stitched on our sleeves because we never get to where we want to be on our own and that help from others has to be acknowledged. Humility is essential and pride goes before a downfall.

When I was 8, we were in Paris and I caught pneumonia. My father carried me for hours on his shoulders searching for a doctor that could speak English and treat me. Then he bought me a Barbie because I was stuck in the room for 2 weeks recovering.

I could write pages of his heroic endeavours for me and I one day will but for now I’ll end with this; my father has given me everything in his power to provide and it is my privilege to be called his daughter and carry his name.

Happy 60th birthday Papa, I love you.

On a side note: I love the sun but sigh.


Thinking of: Trying harder and how they’ll have to drag me kicking and biting off this island. I. Am. Not. Leaving.

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