WonderLast: Lombok Last Day

I was walking down the beach catching my last sunset in Lombok and I saw a large group of children practicing some form of Indonesian martial arts by the shore. The waves are mounting at a dangerous level and these kids couldn’t be bothered that these 6 feet waves could consume them at any moment and the strong current could drag them under.


Well okay you can’t see it in this picture but it was really high.

I’m so privileged in Malaysia and yet how many times have I wished for more? Where does it end? When do I find contentment and stop wishing I had more things?

I have seen the side of Lombok teeming with tourists where there’s free flow of drinks and every server is at your beck and call. I’ve also seen the seedy underbelly where the children sleep on the floor by the street because their huts don’t have enough rooms or beds. There’s the side that has wifi and the side where they still use candles to light their homes. You’d never feel the lack they experience because they play as if the world is their playground.

There are people out there with much less and still they find so much joy in every thing they do.

Note to self: Be faithful, be content, be happy with what you have.

On a side note: I’m swearing off nasi goreng for a while.

Thinking of: Home cooked local food and You Hold Me Now.

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