Filmophile: The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Thoughts. Everywhere. Must. Consolidate. With. All. The. Feels.

First off I’ll admit, this is a completely biased review. Don’t take this review seriously if you’re looking for a movie that will keep your mind riveted for days. Mainly because Spider-Man is my favourite superhero, I choose to be biased.

Let’s get the bad out of the way

1. SOME of the visual effects kinda sucked. A little fake for my liking but really, who’s watching for the visual effects? Maybe it’s more for 3D. I should watch it again in 3D, just in case.

2. Electro didn’t make sense. So he eats energy and can transform into any form of particle but he chooses to wear a suit. Made of rubber. And what, everything burned off with electricity except his pants? It’s like the Hulk transformation or the wolves in Twilight.

3. They kind of glossed over the character development between Harry and Norman. Underdeveloped BUT understandable since that wasn’t the main focus anyway.

4. I don’t get why the green goblin needs the venom, maybe I should read the comic. Or I’ll prolly just watch the movie again.

5. Spider-Man, y u cry so much?

6. Electro, y u so mad bro?

7. Harry, lay off the coconut oil.

Okay now I’m just being picky. Maybe I don’t really get it. I should watch it again.


1. GOOD LAWD the chemistry between Andrew and Emma. THE FRIGGIN CHEMISTRY. Wow. Just wow. That’s either really good acting or they really be in love.

2. Excellent script. Good job, Alex Kurtzman. Which ties to the next good thing:

3. Adoring Max Dillon pre-Electro. His looks, his hair, how he sings his own birthday songs, has a Spidey shrine and gets so excited when someone “needs” him or remembers his name is just, sigh, I just wanna hug him and fix his bald patch.

AND young Harry Osborn= Young Leo, no?

Here’s what’s funny: I did a review on the first Amazing Spider-Man about two years ago here and watch how my perception has changed of Gwen and their relationship. In 2012 I despised the change from the old Spider-Man and the fact Gwen was inside and now my favourite part was the chemistry between Andrew and Emma.

He sayangs her so much. Jooorrr so sweet laaa. My sis is right, I’m really too into all that romantic cr*p, it blinds me. Meh.

Gwen’s death was predictable, of course, because of the fact it’s in the comic book. Oh sorry, spoiler alert. Anyway, my first thought was “The heck Spider-Man, you killed your own girlfriend. Nice job.” But then I read into it. He has saved hundreds of falling people with his web. That one time with Gwen, he took it for granted.

Guys, help me settle this: Does she die from impact on the ground, whiplash or brain hemorrhage?

Edited: Alright everyone was giving me different answers so I bothered to look it up and:

“Death of Gwen was portrayed, albeit in a different form, in the The Amazing Spider-Man 2. During Spider-Man’s battle with Green Goblin on top of the clock tower, Gwen falls through the building; Spider-Man manages to catch her by the waist with webbing, but with the momentum created from her fall, her back is snapped by the web causing the back of her head to smash on the concrete below, killing her on impact.

Emma Stone, please act again as Mary-Jane Watson. We’ll pretend we don’t notice it’s you acting again. You just can’t fake that kind of chemistry.

On a side note: Embrace the pressure. Embrace.

Thinking of: Mayim Bialik in Blossom, a different path, leave it at home and one step at a time.

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