Back It Up

The Sunday before the wedding.

Sumi: Hey Auds! I’ll be sending you the pre-wedding video latest by Wednesday night or Thursday morning. If you’re okay with it then I’ll pass the video to the media guy to be shown at the wedding on Saturday.

Audrey: Sound good 🙂 Thanks Sumi.

Wednesday, 10 PM

Sumi: This is going well! It looks good! In a couple of hours I’ll be done!

Inner voice: Sumi, you should save this into an external hard disk. Just in case.

Sumi: Nah, that’ll take time. Besides, I’m almost done.

Inner Voice: But you’ll lose your entire proje…

Sumi: Shhh, gurl, I gotsta work.

 Thursday, 5 AM

Computer hangs

Sumi: O_O. Uh, it’s okay. The comp’s prolly overheated. I’ll just sleep for a few hours then the computer will have cooled off, I’ll just continue working after I wake up.

 Thursday, 6 AM

Sumi: One hour is enough to cool down.

Computer refuses to start up and this keeps annoyingly flashing on screen.

Thursday, 7 AM

sam winchester

Thursday, 9 AM

Call brother who spends 40 minutes on the phone trying to fix the issue.

Thursday, 10 AM

Audrey: Hey Sumi, how’s the video?

Sumi: Audrey … 😥 I’m so sorryy but awubawatabruhafaduhultahujjjj

Audrey: Aww, don’t worry about it just go ahead and get your computer fixed.

Thursday, 11-1 PM

Shopping therapy

Thursday, 1:00 PM

Brother comes home and meddles with the comp.

Bro: Your hard disk is in really bad shape. The only way to save the computer is to reformat it.

Sumi: O_O But I’ll lose everything. I only have the raw unedited files with me. And the wedding is the day after tomorrow. I’ll have to start from scratch!

Bro: Why didn’t you save such an important project on an external hard disk?

Sumi: -.- Is now really the time?

Thursday, 1:40 PM

Computer boots up. The praises of a thousand hills rise up to Heaven; to a good, merciful God.

Bro: Your computer is unstable, do what is necessary first, back up your important files to an external hard disk. Then you can work on your video.

Sumi: I’ll do it now


Friday, 9:30 PM

Chris prewed

Moral of the story: Back it up. Always back it up. Then back those backups up.


I don’t know if I’ll ever be a famous videographer or filmmaker that changes the world, but I’ll always remember how someone believed in me even when I failed.

Remember that you are our friend ahead of being our videographer. I’m not saying this to pressure you but I really do have faith in you.

Chris and Audrey Thiruchelvam

Thank You Jesus for an amazing brother, friends and clients.

Thank you Anna for taking time off your work to help me with mine 🙂

Thank you Audrey and Chris, for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. GREENSCREEN owes you big time.

Thank you John Yen for praying with me and encouraging me 🙂

Note to self: Always back up. Always.

Thinking of: Cell tonight,  Kari Jobe’s I’m In Love With You, Hillsong’s Always Will and the wedding video.

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