A Beautiful Moment

I’ve heard so much about Ode Art in SS15 so after church I popped by. After ordering my affogato  which was okay la. Seriously, coffee is becoming less my thing -.- I looked over at the far end of the coffee shop and saw these group of adults drawing and colouring and it piqued my interest so I walked over. This woman comes up to me and says, “I bet you’re wondering what we’re doing here? Well I’m travelling all over the world and I plan to collect 1000 beautiful moments from each continent I visit. Would you like to share and draw me a beautiful moment you’ve had over the past week?”

I took her blank postcard, ahviously, and began my art work immediately.

I knew exactly what beautiful moment I wanted to draw for her.


I think it’s a privilege to be a witness to a friends wedding. But to be able to immortalize it into a video for them, that’s just, ineffable.

2014-05-25 17.20.20

Thank you Janne Willems, for giving me another reason to smile today. It’s people like you that makes life so interesting and exciting.

On another note: I just had to put it here, my mother pronounces Maleficent, as Maleficent. As in Maleficent and Femaleficent. I love my mummy.

Thinking of: How it’s one of those rare days.

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