Did you know? Eating chocolate helps prevent tooth decay.

Receiving gifts isn’t at the top of my love languages list, but I felt hot euphoric liquid seep through my bloodstream when I received this bar of chocolate.

2014-05-28 00.05.00

I think I over think giving gifts. Sometimes it can be simple and sweet. Just letting the other person know you’re worth my time, effort, thoughts and money.

Thanks Milky Way for the random act of kindness, you really made my day. I’m going to miss you. Come back soon.

Thanks to Khai and Jean for getting me carrot cream cheese cake. I gobbled it up in a minute before I realized I should’ve taken a picture. You guys are such a blessing.

Thinking of: How my teeth will never decay, how I actually really like getting gifts and how I may be a little materialistic 😦

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